Conference : “The Moral Roots of Quarantine”, 16–17 December 2021


The Moral Roots of Quarantine: The East and the West 1617 December 2021, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Faculty of Arts and Humanities  University of Macau

“The Moral Roots of Quarantine: The East and the West” mainly aims at enriching the scholarly debate about comparative EastWest perspectives on the responses to infectious diseases, with a special focus on antipandemic measures and their justifications. The global nature of the current emergency calls for an interdisciplinary as well as intercultural investigation: the conference brings together scholars from the East and the West currently working on COVID19 from diverse disciplinary perspectives (philosophy of science, philosophy of politics, philosophy of medicine, among othersThis event is part of the interdisciplinary research project “The Moral Roots of Quarantine: a comparative study of the moral and cultural dimension of quarantine in COVID19 pandemic across East and West ( The conference will also include a book salon aimed at engaging authors about their recently published scholarly works (monographs, edited books, edited journal special issues) on the conference topics.