“#SUPERCANGGIH” – The Cooler Lumpur Festival 2019

At The Cooler Lumpur Festival, they believe that discussion and dialogue is the hallmark of any great society. Hear, hear!

They trust in “the irresistible and contagious power of a great idea and the latent potential it holds to inspire awareness, change and transformation” – and they try extremely hard to prove that’s actually true. 

This year’s festival, their 7th edition, centers around the topics of climate change, populism, right wing (‘white’) supremacists, #metoo et al. Title: #SUPERCANGGIH. We asked them what it means. Here’s their answer: “Canggih is Malay, it means ‘sophisticated’ – in literal translation. But it is also a colloquial term for something really cool or out of this world – something like … well, in America they would maybe say: amazeballzz!”

Here’s our translation: We need heroes – super sophisticated people that are willing to take a stand, like Kirsten Han from ‘We Believe in Second Chances’ (https://secondchances.asia/), Isaac Cheng (vice-chairman of Demosistō), Devi Asmarani (co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Jakarta-based feminist webmagazine Magdalene.co) or Juana Jaafar (who did some great research on online gender-based violence titled ‘Voice, Visibility & A Variety Of Viciousness’, and is also a co-author of ‘Revolusis: Pencetusan’, a beautiful Malay language graphic novel for teens about self-determination, power and diversity) – all of them speakers at this year’s CL Festival. 

Here’s the complete list: https://coolerlumpur.com/supercanggih/speaker/

Here’s some general info (also shows their history): https://coolerlumpur.com/supercanggih/about/

Here’s the sessions: https://coolerlumpur.com/supercanggih/session/

If you’re a student of journalism, you may be interested in their Journalism Campus program. They told Mediastudies.asia: “We very much would love to have more students in the audience as our aim with the campus is to spearhead the though leadership of young journalists.” Take a look at what they have to offer: https://coolerlumpur.com/supercanggih/session/c/journalism-campus/