Event: +921HeritageTalks by Pakistan Chowk Community Centre

Pakistan Chowk Community Centre cordially invites to the +921HeritageTalks: a series of talks in which different panelists from all across South Asia will be sharing insights and perspectives. Kindly find the Webinar Schedule below.

The dialogue on Heritage is a global conversation which must take into account the local contexts. In a rapidly changing world, the dialogue around heritage preservation is shaped by many and relatively new factors. The parameters of what constitutes heritage are expanding and take into account not just the past and tangible heritage sites but our present and as well as our current relationship with the spaces we inhabit as communities.

Conversations regarding Heritage protection in cities of Global South become much more complex given the colonial histories of our cities. In urban cities heritage sites often happen to be in active use. Traditional methods of regulations to preserve heritage may face challenges when applied to metropolitan cities which function as economic hubs and where economic interests trump other concerns.

In the face of these challenges how must we shape our conversations regarding heritage preservation? What solutions can we offer that are localized and resonate with local communities that inhabit these heritage sites? Our cultural legacies, our histories and present ways of being are a product of our cumulative heritage, therefore it is essential to protect and preserve our heritage sites. But the important question is who shares the responsibility for protecting this legacy? Most importantly, why and how it needs to be protected?

At PCCC we aim to engage in a comprehensive dialogue on the above questions by bringing together architects, researchers, urban planners, policymakers, designers, artists, journalists, film makers, bloggers and activists to brainstorm ideas for the protection, dialogue, conservation, rehabilitation & accessibility of heritage sites & public spaces. +921HeritageTalks hopes to bring all the stakeholders together under one multidisciplinary setting so that together they may present solutions feasible for concerned authorities.

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