Media studies is a platform for media research on and in Asia. We regularly inform you about upcoming events: festivals, conferences etc. We showcase media research, because we agree with Michel Serres that “the university must come out of the university onto the net'”. Media research is categorized under ‘truth’, because in modern society, only science has the license to decide what is true and what is not. The fine arts are categorized under ‘beauty’ – which is debatable, as anything else, but also up to this day highly plausible. You don’t think Duchamp’s urinal is beautiful? We do. And ‘power’ is the category we use for politics, because we think that this is what politics in the end is all about. We decided to add a separate entry for ‘poetry’, simply because Asia has so many wonderful poets the rest of the world doesn’t know about, and the slam poetry scene in Pakistan is vibrant and alive, it deserves another platform.

We are especially proud on our own productions, interviews with artists like Sanki King, Sheherezade Junejo or Suleman Khilji, with photographers like Andy Spyra, or with POW camp researcher Julia Tieke – or to be able to present poetry recitations by someone like Afzal Ahmed Syed to you. Or those performed by young Karachi talents like Shameneh Majid or Zoha Jabbar. Or stoptrick movies done by Pakistani students (coming soon!).

We are open to, and invite, all content that explores media within the Asian context.

Editor-in-Chief Saima Jawed with Sanki King, October 2017, Karachi