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“Landscape” – Afzal Ahmed Syed recites Faiz

Afzal Ahmed Syed reciting a poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz for Recording and photo: Aamir Khadim. Karachi 19th May 2016.   English translation: Landscape The roadside shadows, houses, walls, the rim of rooftops; over the rooftops the moon bared her breast, softly like a

“Digging Deep, Crossing Far” – Interview with Julia Tieke

Julia, first of all congratulations to an amazing exhibition. When did you first come across this phenomenon of POW camps for ‘colonial soldiers’? It is obviously not a very well-known part of German history. I came across it roughly two years ago when I read

“See View” – Suleman Khilji, Artist in Residence

“It is true that we linger over draughtsmanship and especially over sketches as over something clearly indicative of genius; but no matter with what richness of invention and wealth of imagination the inner spirit may directly emerge in sketches from the, as it were, more