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“#SUPERCANGGIH” – The Cooler Lumpur Festival 2019

At The Cooler Lumpur Festival, they believe that discussion and dialogue is the hallmark of any great society. Hear, hear! They trust in “the irresistible and contagious power of a great idea and the latent potential it holds to inspire awareness, change and transformation” –

“Open Space” – Media Art et al. in Tokyo

“Open Space” is an exhibition introducing works of media art and other forms of artistic expression born out of today’s media environments, to a broad audience. On display along with explanatory notes that help understanding the respective pieces are leading works from the realm of

Interview: Brian Kehrer, Psyop

Hi, Brian. Maybe it’s best if you first introduce yourself to the public. My name is Brian Kehrer, I’m a game developer and designer. I’m currently working at a company called Psyop, a 3D animation and post production house where I’m creative technologist. I’m working primarily