New book: “The Tech War: China vs. USA – and Where is Europe?”

On March 6th, Wolfgang Hirn’s new book will be released – unfortunately, initially only in German. It is titled “The Tech War: China vs. USA – and Where is Europe?” Hirn says, “The idea for this arose in the spring of last year when it became increasingly clear that the two superpowers are primarily waging war technologically. A key term: chip war.” The result of his research: “China and the USA have left Europe behind, which is being wilfully ignored in Germany. In that sense, I also see this book as a wake-up call to Europeans.”

Hirn publishes the excellent free German newsletter CHINAHIRN, which focuses solely on China. It is a private low-budget project, financially and editorially independent, with a simple, clear layout, and is recommended to anyone interested in neutral, non-value-oriented reporting on China, unfortunately so far only available in German. We translated one of Hirn’s posts, the excellent summary of the 20th Party Congress, on mediastudies:

After the 20th Party Congress: Analyses and Comments – By Wolfgang Hirn (ChinaHirn)