“Rethinking the Modern through Shakir Ali” – Call for Papers

Shakir Ali Museum (PNCA), Society for Cultural Education (SCE) in collaboration with THAAP

1-Day Seminar on

‘Rethinking the Modern through Shakir Ali’

Date: 01 October, 2016

Venue: 37-D, Main Gulberg, Lahore, Pakistan.


Shakir Ali Museum (PNCA), Society for Cultural Education (SCE) in collaboration with THAAP is organizing a one-day Seminar on 

‘Rethinking the Modern through Shakir Ali’.


The objective of the seminar is to produce a collection of scholarly writings that reflect on art, education, society and culture of the era and the area that Shakir Ali belonged to. It also aims at generating new discourses on Shakir Ali’s work in particular and on Modern Art of Pakistani in general.

Suggested themes:

Themes for the Seminar include but not at all restricted to

·         The times and works of Shakir Ali and his contemporaries
·         Shakir Ali as an artist, as a modernist and as an educator
·         The tea-house culture
·         The Lahore Literary Movement
·         The poets and scholars as friends of artists
·         The new cultural hubs in Pakistan
·         Art and Politics in early days of Pakistan

  • Modern Art and Architecture of Pakistan



Email a 300-word abstract of your paper, in any preferred language i.e. English, Urdu or Punjabi, by June 01, 2016. If you do not get the confirmation email within a week of sending your abstract, please assume that we have not received your abstract and send us the abstract again. Email address: thaap.conference@gmail.com

It is important that your abstract must clearly indicate the Research StatementResearch Methodology as well as Primary Sources. Your valuable opinion must be based upon authentic resources and substantial evidences rather than usual personal judgements and hearsay statements. Generalized research papers are not encouraged. The vast treasure in form of Shakir Ali’s  original official archivespersonal correspondence as well as the living history of his time need to be explored in order to better understand the legend himself as well as the era he belonged to.

Those who have already submitted their abstracts kindly revise them in light of the above mentioned.

Important Dates:

The Paper Selection Committee will inform the selected paper readers by June 10th, 2016. Full paper will be due by September 6th 2016.

The papers will be circulated to the selected participants and are also required for participation in the seminar.


Selected papers will be published in form of a book. The publication would concentrate on locating Shakir Ali within the times that he lived through focusing on the socio-political happenings which generated the modern art & architecture in Pakistan.