Conference: YES 2023 – “Love and Humanism in Chinese Traditions”, November 25-26, BNU Zhuhai

YES – Young Experts Symposium is an annual conference with changing themes, international participants, and a wide-ranging international audience. The three pillars of YES are:

Intergenerationality: we develop a polylogue between young(er) and old(er) experts, who are still curious

Interdisciplinarity: we provide opportunities for mutual learning across disciplines in the humanities, sciences, arts, and other fields

Interculturality: we assist in building bridges of friendship, peace, and win-win across civilizations and continents

The topic of YES 2023 is “Love and Humanism in Chinese Traditions”. The conference is organized by the Research Institute for Globalization and Cultural Development Strategies at Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai.

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Zoom link:

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