New Book: CPC Futures: The New Era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

The 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is over – so all predictions are invalid: including those made in this book published shortly before the Congress. A good opportunity to review how far the authors of this volume were right – and where they were wrong in terms of future implications of trends in CCP policy and governance in the “New Era” of CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping. Many of whom are among the best in their profession. Frank N. Pieke and Bert Hofman brought together an exceptional team of world-leading China experts from Asia, the United States, Europe and Australia that presents cutting-edge research and insights into China’s economy, society, politics, military and international relations targeted at a professional audience in government, business, the media, NGOs and universities. The book is distributed Open Access under a Creative Commons license, and sold in print editions in Asia.