Botchers of Defeat? Interview with Holger Afflerbach

In his book “The Art of Defeat,” historian Holger Afflerbach examines the history of surrender and efforts to contain violence in war. But what about the “art of defeat” in present-day conflicts? Mr. Afflerbach, it seems that the art of defeat, which you have described

Talk: Yasmeen Lari on “Building Resilient Communities by Decolonizing and Decarbonizing Humanitarian Assistance”, December 12 , AKU Auditorium, AKU, Karachi

Yasmeen Lari will talk on ‘Building Resilient Communities by Decolonizing and Decarbonizing Humanitarian Assistance’, Tuesday, December 12 , AKU Auditorium Yasmeen Lari is a legend in Pakistan and increasingly all over the world. Her impressive journey from international modernism for the elite to zero-carbon architecture

Education Needs Personality: Chinese Translation of the Introduction

Below, we exclusively present a Chinese translation of the introduction to Gerhard Roth’s book “Education Needs Personality” on We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Professor Roth, J. Klett-Cotta Verlag represented by Mrs. Helen Gorman, and the translator, Zheng Jingwen, as well

Virtual Classroom Series: Interview with Georg Fahrion

The most recent episode of the Virtual Classroom series includes an interview with Georg Fahrion, the current China correspondent for the German news magazine Der Spiegel. This is becoming somewhat of a tradition, as we previously featured an interview with Fahrion’s predecessor, Bernhard Zand. The

Conference: +921HeritageTalks by Pakistan Chowk Community Centre

Pakistan Chowk Community Centre cordially invites to the +921HeritageTalks: a series of talks in which different panelists from all across South Asia will be sharing insights and perspectives. Kindly find the Webinar Schedule below. The dialogue on Heritage is a global conversation which must take