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Karachiscape: Part 3 – Slam Poetry

Rickshaw vrooming. Children playing. Bun kababs frying. Scooter whizzing past. The crowd twittering. The music booming in the distance. Bright lights against a black sky with purple clouds. Glossy photographs. Sounds of city all around, and yet you’re not in the city exactly. Welcome to

Karachiscape: Part 2- Metropolis

Hidden in a cozy area of Habib University was Metropolis, show casing the works of our own students and the acclaimed photographer Ghalib Hasnain. Every photograph was unique, yet Karachi tied them all together. Every guest who came to visit had nothing but praises to sing

Karachiscape: Part 1

For Karachi, with its black, white and grey… On 6th November, Habib University’s Centre for Media and Design, in collaboration with the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Karachi, hosted “Karachi Scape” which fused all forms of art to portray the culture